Aquarius – 2nd Decan (February 1 - February 9)

Ruler: Mercury
Source of Motivation: Independence

Aquarius Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Aquarians born during February 1 to February 9 are moody and contradictory in personality. All their talents almost focus on their preferences, hobbies and spiritual life. They are active in thinking and open-minded, and their wordings are sharp. They are also mysterious and elusive, and they have a keen and acute intuition They have a rich sense of humor. So, they are very cheerful and pleasant in personality. They also have strong interests in all novel things, pioneering undertakings, frontier science, reform and innovation and astronomy.

Their ruling planet is Mercury, which mainly controls the nerve system. As such, their senses of touch and smell will be more acute than ordinary people. They are endowed with excellent observation capability and eloquence. Additionally, if they plus their unique way of thinking, many people will be amazed and awed by them! All jobs involved in knowledge are fit for them. They will not only absorb the knowledge quickly, but also "analyze it through multiple analogies"! However, they are just slightly lack of patience.
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