Aquarius – 3rd Decan (February 10 - February 18)

Ruler: Venus
Source of Motivation: Fantasy

Aquarius Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

With a keen intuition and an active brain, Aquarians born during February 10 to February 18 are endowed with a spirit of fantasy. Their true talent and inspiration will be expressed in art, but it will also lead to their utopian fantasy. It seems that they are often not adaptable to the routines of daily life. They long for freedom and refuse to be restrained by anyone, and they have a tendency of independence or celibacy. They are the most active in thinking and reluctant to act among all Aquarians.

Their ruling planet is the Venus. They have an amazing intuition and sixth sense. However, if these are not used properly, they will become resistance and obstacles. Aquarians born during this period often have different views and opinions from ordinary people, which is not bad or a disadvantage. However, if they don’t listen to other people’s opinions at all, thinking that others are superficial, they are prone to get frustrated. The point of the phrase "have dreams in life" is to build dreams and be pragmatical. To balance dreams and reality is the most important issue in their lives.
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