Suitable Jobs for Pisces by Blood Type

Pisces is a sign that likes to split hairs. Pisces people would not give up before getting to the bottom of things. On the other hand, this can be a serious attitude. Then, what are the ideal jobs for Pisces of different blood types?YourZodiacSign.Com
Pisces people of blood type A are mild and low-key, do not like competition, and have the romantic side of Pisces and the practical side of A-type blood, thus can capture the inspiration of Pisces in the real world. With a rich and sentimental inner world, they like to think and tend to be talented in literature or philosophy. Suitable jobs for them include writers, poets, philosophers, religious communicators, clerks, secretaries, etc. They are not less suitable for competitive work, management or leadership.

Pisces people of blood type B highlight the free side of blood type B, but would not show it so clearly. In most cases, they would do the work well even if they are not interested in it. One of their characteristics is that they would not figure out what they really like until they are old enough. Young Pisces of blood type B are often confused and do not like to think too much. Therefore, they need to learn more kinds of knowledge to enrich themselves before finding the right direction. Since they are not very competitive in society, it is especially important to master a skill. Female Pisces of blood type B are weak and not suitable for the extroverted work. B blood Pisces is suitable for careers like writers, charity welfare staff, teachers, actors, poets, sailors, costume designers, pastry chefs, painters, photographers, screenwriters, etc.

Pisces people of blood type O are quite compassionate, enthusiastic, delicate and thoughtful, and they would not care even if the efforts are not rewarded. With a service and sacrifice spirit, they attach little importance to material and fit to be secretary, waiter, charity worker, religious worker, veterinary and other work alike. The O-type Pisces people are also rich in imagination, and can choose a job related to creation. Their shortcoming lies in that they are more emotional and timid. Therefore, it can be difficult for them to work as surgeons as they may faint at the sight of blood.

Pisces people of blood type AB are mild, sentimental and visionary but have the calm side. They can hardly command others due to the limited desire for leadership. If they choose the highly professional and free jobs related to art and creation, they can get better development. Suitable jobs are for them are actors, writers, screenwriters, marine biologists, fashion designers, singers, etc. The weakness of AB-type Pisces is that they can't stand the ordinary routine work and sometimes would run away from the crowd.

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