Career for Sagittarius

Sagittarius, both intellectual and wild, goes after the dynamic things. Due to the extraordinary passion and confidence, they can bring the talents to the best no matter what occupation they are in. The love for freedom and the pursuit of speed are the basic spirits of Sagittarius. They prefer the challenging work which can satisfy their curiosity and desire for knowledge. Nothing can destroy their confidence and positive attitude. Also, Sagittarius people are brave, adventurous and very tolerant.

They are passionate about their work and would dedicate whole energies to work. Meanwhile, they have their own principles in work and like to challenge the convention. In job hunting, they'd better choose those that bring their leadership abilities to the full play. Otherwise, they can hardly hold on for a long time in the position due to the restless personality. Jobs related to communication, research, publishing and language are good choices for people of Sagittarius sign.

sagittarius Career in 2020

Limited by Saturn, Sagittarius' career horoscope in 2020 can be not very good. Despite many opportunities brought by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in early 2020, Sagittarius is not a sign accustomed to working steadily and staying in a place for a long time. With great curiosity, they like to travel around before getting married. This kind of character leads to the instability of their career in 2020. Fortunately, it's not a bad thing for Sagittarians as they are good at integrating into the new environment, and they can get help from others with their great popularity. ...Read More

Suitable Jobs for Sagittarius by Blood Type

Sagittarius people are not perfect. It can be even more complicated to tell their personality when combined with blood type. Then, what are the ideal jobs for Sagittarius by blood type?