The Mythology of Sagittarius

In ancient Greek, the centaurs inhabited on the prairie and they were strong and fierce. However, Chiron, also a centaur, was kindhearted and respected by others for his friendliness and frankness to friends.
One day, Heracles, Greece's greatest hero who killed snakes with his hands when he was a baby, came to visit his friend and he heard that the centaurs were good at making wine, so he wanted to taste the wine. Although Heracles knew the wine was the joint property of the centaurs, he forced his friend to steal the wine or he would kill him.
Everyone knew that Heracles was the strongest man in the world and even Apollo yielded to him. Being helpless, his friend had to steal the wine. When Heracles was enjoying the wine, the centaurs smelled the wine and came to scold him. Heracles was very angry and he fought fiercely against the centaurs.
Heracles was so powerful that the centaurs were defeated and they retreated to Chiron's home. At this moment, Chiron heard the noise outside and opened the door to go out. Unfortunately, Chiron was shot by Heracles and he sacrificed his life for his friends.
Zeus heard the shouting and he held Charon's body and threw it to the sky. Suddenly, the body changed into twinkling stars looking like a centaur. In order to commemorate Chiron, the constellation was named Sagittarius.
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