Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius women are enthusiastic and direct and they like to talk with people around about exciting things. They do not like the steady life and find it boring to do the same thing every day. In their opinions, life is supposed to be an adventure into the unknown world and they are ready to start an unknown journey at any time.

Bubbling with enthusiasm, female Sagittarians can easily get along with others. They carry themselves with ease and confidence and are wild inside, attracting many men who want to tame them. Due to the pursuit of freedom, they don't like to stay in a place for a long time and find it suffering to survive for life. Therefore, they would pursue the life they want as long as they have the chance and even give up all they have for ideal and pursuit.

Passionate and Frank

Sagittarius girls are cheerful, enthusiastic and generous. They dare to love and hate, never work slovenly but make it concise and clear, so that everyone can you understand. They love freedom, hate to be shackled and have clear goals.


The greatest merit of women under Sagittarius sign is that they bear no grudges and could withstand any kind of blow. The natural and unrestrained Sagittarius girls are as broad-minded as men to some extent and they are always happy and enthusiastic, though sometimes a little sad.


Sagittarius girls are quite simple and they are not scheming at all. It is easy and relaxed to get along with them due to their informal and open character. Generally speaking, women of Sagittarius sign yearn for the free life and many people would feel that they are fooling around. But those who understand them know that they just prefer the simple and happy life.


To put it mildly, Sagittarius women are casual; to put it bluntly, they are sharp-tongued. It is good to be outspoken but it is bad to hurt others by words and to ignore the ways of the world. They may ask about some questions that embarrass someone in public and when they hear something they cannot agree with, they would keep a poker face. Once they break out, they would utter rough words regardless of their image and lose a group of fans. Sagittarius women are suggested to learn from Gemini and jump on the bandwagon occasionally.

"3-minute Passion"

Sagittarius women are less persevering. In spite of many goals they have, they just cannot insist go and often give up in midway, either laziness or hardships. It seems that they have no idea about adapt to circumstances. Instead, they follow their hearts and do what they want to do, thus lose many opportunities.


Many flaws of Sagittarius women can be the spice of life but this one could drive their boyfriends crazy. However, they just cannot help it and have no control over their temper. They are too insensitive to sense that their boyfriends are unbearable or hopeless, so they just cannot change it.
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