Sagittarius Man

Most of Sagittarius men are the typical cheerful, lively and energetic sunshine boys. They are humorous, talkative, and can play well with others in social occasions, thug the most popular and eye-catching presence in social occasions. Because of these, male Sagittarians are more popular among women and never lack of girls by their side.

In pursuit of freedom, men under Sagittarius sign are as free as wind, whether in life or romance. Therefore, they can be fickle in love. Besides, they are foresighted and boast keen intuition and insight. If they can settle down to something, they can make achievements.

Optimistic and Positive

Sagittarius men are known for their optimism and they are full of longing and enthusiasm for life. They can always find a solution to any problems and never bear grudges - as long as they have a sound sleep, tomorrow will be another good day. They are so optimistic and positive that nothing can knock them down. For Sagittarius men, it is better to face reality positively than to fall into a depression.

Men of Action

From this aspect, Sagittarius men are somewhat similar with Scorpio men. As soon as they come up with an idea, they would take action without rigorous thinking. Generally, they would act first, which may lead to trouble yet enable them to seize the opportunities. Hence, this personality trait is a double-edged sword.

Loyal to Friends

Men under Sagittarius sign are loyal to friends and they would offer help when their friends are at the loss. And this trait makes them have a lot of friends. Once their friends are in trouble, they would go all out to help and serve as the best support. Such an attitude towards friends impresses people a lot and shows their sincerity. So it is very lucky to make friends with them.

Hasty and Undisciplined

Male Sagittarians always hold a slovenly attitude. Their work depends on their mood and they see things different with others. Under many circumstances, they choose to ignore the growing crisis and even escape with an optimistic attitude, thus get hasty easily. A best word to describe male Sagittarians is ''unrestrained'' and they pursue an attitude of ''life is but a span, seize the day''. As a result, they just let nature take its course and keep out of affairs in living, leaving an idling and unreliable impression to others.

Ruthless and Selfish

Being very particular about freedom in life, Sagittarius men prefer to go on their own ways and find it reluctant to be bound by others. They can hardly settle down before the age of 40 and usually become mature later than the average, just like big boys never grow up. Also, they are opportunistic, conservative and conflicting. No matter what they encounter, they would think about themselves first and seldom care about how others feel or whether others are capable. They are unwilling to compromise and even dislike the fellow travelers who bring them troubles. This makes them seem ruthless and selfish.
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