How to Attract/Chase an Aquarian men?

Aquarian men do not follow the usual rules. They are very quirky and have a lot of ideas. So, the girls who can attract them must be extraordinary. How to attract an Aquarius man?YourZodiacSign.Com
To win over an Aquarius man, the first step is to attract him. You must be confident and have a strong aura and charm. No matter how much you like him, never behave in a humble and condescending manner. Instead, you should give him a feel that you are in a very good state. This will give you extra credit in the eyes of the Aquarius man and you will successfully attract his attention.

Good appearance
Aquarian men are a little obsessed with physical appearance, but there must be something they appreciate and feel good. For example, if you are short and exquisite, fresh and clean, and look good when you smile, then it is easy to attract the Aquarian man. Aquarian men are not much interested in girls with heavy makeup unless you are the inborn natural beauty rather than beauty relying on makeup.

Gentle and kind
Gentleness and kindness are the ultimate attractiveness of girls. For Aquarius men, it’s no exception. They will also be attracted to such kind of girls. Remember not to pretend in front of them, unless your acting skills and tricks are superb. They like sincere and kind people very much. So, you'd better be simple. This innocence is not deliberately pretending to be stupid, but to maintain the truthfulness, goodness and beauty in some viewpoints and thoughts, rather than being swayed by others.

Keep a sense of mystery and some space
Aquarius men like to enjoy the process of conquering others. So, make sure you are a very strong woman before trying to catch his heart. To attract an Aquarius man, you must learn to keep mystic and some space in front of him. Then, the Aquarius man will be interested in you. Generally, people who can catch the Aquarius man will not please him like a puppy pug. Instead, they can hold and control the Aquarian man. Girls with a temper are more able to arouse his desire to conquer.

Show your own ability
The Aquarian man actually likes the kind of people who are equal and on par with himself, not the kind of people who are too attached to others. So, if you can show your own ability at the right time, you will also attract the Aquarian man's attention, and may also let them have the feel to praise. After all, it's easier for people of equal match to get along well with each other.

Dress neatly
Most Aquarius guys like girls who dress clean and neat, and you can wear a jacket, work pants, or a fresh skirt. In short, don’t wear not too flashy and complicatedly, or wear outfits of unmatched colors.
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