Virgo – 2nd Decan (September 3 - September 12)

Ruler: Saturn
Source of Motivation: Sense of Responsibility

Virgo Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Virgos born during September 3 to September 12 have lofty ambitions and strong professional beliefs. Their pragmatic attitude and spirit will help them keep making progress in work and study. They are born with the innate gift in doing business. They are serious, with a strong sense of responsibility and obligation, but they tend to be a little melancholy in character. They are thrifty and organized, and are willing to pay the price to improve their financial situation.

The personal planet for Virgos born during this period is the Saturn. They are very patient, thoughtful and thrifty. They do not need other people's supervision or guidance; instead, they will move forward to achieve their own goals. No matter how complicated things are, they will become very simple when Virgos start to and handle and untangle the complexity. What they need to improve and reinforce is their relationship with their partners. However, besides getting along well with their partners, they should not let their partners foster the habit of depending on them.
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