Virgo – 3rd Decan (September 13 - September 22)

Ruler: Venus
Source of Motivation: Consciousness and Conscientiousness

Virgo Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Virgos born during September 13 to September 22 are quiet in personality and with a strong sense of reality. They are rational, sensible, honest and candid. It seems that they are born to work conscientiously for others, in lieu of working for their own personal success. They are loyal, down-to-earth and willing to stay in a low and invisible position. They are also very good at caring for and curing people. They have a wide range of interests, yet they are lack of innovation spirit.

Their personal ruling planet is Venus. So, they are more sensitive than other Virgos. They don't like to ruin the interpersonal relationship. As such, sometimes, they hold the attitude of not wanting to ruin the friendship, but simply choosing to handle the matters by themselves. Because of this, they would bear too much responsibility as time goes by. As they are very sensitive in terms of emotion and feeling, they often feel hurt; but it doesn't matter, they might also take advantage of their sensitivity to increase their talents in other aspects.
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