Virgo – 1st Decan (August 23 - September 2)

Ruler: Mercury
Source of Motivation: Diligence

Virgo First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Virgos born during August 23 to September 2 are a bit soft, cowardly or cautious. They need some external assistance or a good environment for competition to achieve a smooth career and life. They are clear-minded, keen on observation, and focusing on details, and they never act blindly. They are also very hardworking and always hope to do their work better. Because of excessive humbleness and politeness, they often get the fruits of their own hard work taken advantage of by others. Their keen and sharp intuition makes them very active at thinking and criticizing.

Planetary ruler for Virgos born during this period is Mercury. They often act in a little bit dominating and too subjective manner. However, the good thing is that Virgos born during this period are decisive, lack of the trait of indecision as other Virgos, and plus the original trait of being good at analysis, they will think clearly before doing things and act in a more freely manner.
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