Leo – 3rd Decan (August 11 - August 22)

Ruler: Mars
Source of Motivation: Enthusiasm

Leos Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Leos born during August 11 to August 22 have kind of personality like Virgo guys. As such, they have more analysis and review ability in handling things, and afterwards they even have the tendency to have them closed at home to figure out the reasons for their failures. Perseverance and making good use of analytical skills are the key to success of Leos born during this period. They have a little sympathy for others, and can notice the feelings of people around them. They are a more gentle, mild and cautious group among all Leos guys.

Their personal ruling planet is Mars, and with a zodiac symbol of war, which symbolizes the hub of sacred energy and spirit. The ruling planet’s influence indicates a tendency of vigor, courage and positivity, which will greatly help Leos overcome their inner weakness and help them succeed. Without the power of the ruling planet, it will be difficult for Leos to achieve many precious ideas and thoughts on their minds, and it is this ruling planet that drives its people to achieve their wishes.

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