Suitable Jobs for Virgo by Blood Type

Virgo, a sign of perfectionism, goes for perfect for everything and would complete the work in a satisfactory manner. Virgo people are highly demanding for others as well as themselves. Then, what are the ideal jobs for Virgos by different blood types?YourZodiacSign.Com
Virgos of blood type A are careful and sensitive to numbers, thus suitable for financial work. Also, Virgo people of blood type A are quiet and stable and they can get better results if engaged in writing and knowledge related vocations. In consideration of these traits, statistician, clerk, doctor, researcher, warehouse keeper, surveyor and so on are the suitable occupations for Virgos of blood type A; but they need to improve their adaptive capacity for better performance.

Virgos of blood type B are lively and cheerful yet less careful and prudent, and the informal hallmark of blood type B can make up for the nervousness of Virgo. With a high service spirit, Virgo people of blood type B better fit service industry or act as the disseminator in knowledge industry such as salesperson, flight attendant, airport staff, publishers, nurses, etc.

Virgos of blood type O are able to firmly implement the superior's opinions and strategies at work and they work with a meticulous and perfect style, thus can be good management. The less flexible Virgo people of blood type O may not come up with good and creative ideas but yield excellent results no matter what they do. Procurement, social welfare, clerk, department or company manager, and other related walks of life are appropriate for them. The internal other than external work can be more suitable for Virgos of blood type O.

Virgos of blood type AB are sensitive to numbers, calm and rational, thus fit investment, commercial and financial work. Since they are good at analyzing problems and less impulsive, they can give good play to their strengths if choose tax administration, business administration, fund manager, stock investor, financial personnel and other occupations. On the contrary, dull and strenuous physical work does not suit them.
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