Capricorn – 2nd Decan (January 1 - January 10)

Ruler: Venus
Source of Motivation: Sense of Reality

Capricorn Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Capricorns born during January 1 to January 10 are highly enthusiastic at work and with the strong spirit of working hard. Their strong belief in perseverance and persistence will make them persist in walking along the road that they’ve chosen, and they will never divert their own attention and efforts. They have strong emotions and passions, but their self-centric awareness is a little bit too strong.

Their personal planet is Venus. Venus is the kindest planet in the Solar System, indicating an atmosphere of harmony, joy and happiness. It also reveals the idealism and artistic ability. Venus rules the emotions and feelings. So, they are the most human Capricorns. Even if sometimes they also want to look cool, cold and collected and care about some things with friends, they will finally be affected by their emotions and feelings. Perhaps, they may think this is a major shortcoming for themselves, but it actually adds a trace of softness and tenderness into their personality traits, which is an advantage! Saturn is the ruling planet for Capricorn. As such, it limits the influence on the ability in expression to a certain degree, so that they often curb their own true emotions and feelings. They are the more heart-warming, joyful and lovely among all Capricorns. Therefore, they are not as realistic as Capricorns born during other periods. They care about artistic value and appreciation of music from time to time.
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