Aquarius – 1st Decan (January 20 to January 31)

Ruler: Uranus
Source of Motivation: Spirit

Aquarius First Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Aquarians born during January 20 to January 31 are unique in personality and weird in temper, yet they are flexible, sociable and independent spiritually.  They are magnanimous and open-minded, and they don’t like to be bound and restrained. However, sometimes they look like very mean and sharp. They tend to have the impulse to try everything they are in contact with. They like to touch novel things, and their thinking is acute. They often pay slight attention to matters related to money.

The personal ruling planet for Aquarians born during this period is the Uranus, which represents a strong spiritual power. So, plus the general traits of the Aquarius, Aquarians born during this period   have a particular temperament of spirituality, and whatever in the aspects of religious or mystery learning, they have a strong apprehensiveness ability. If they wish to be a fortune-teller, they are quite fit for the position! No matter what their ambitions are, they will fulfill their ambitions in a special way. It is just like when everyone else goes to the United States or Britain for overseas study, they would prefer to go to Greece or Rome; when everyone else chooses to study law or politics, they will want to study some special subjects. Besides, with the ability in making good use of their spirituality trait, they are born with the insight into other’s inner thoughts inside their hearts.
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