Capricorn – 3rd Decan (January 11 - January 19)

Ruler: Mercury
Source of Motivation: Accomplishment

Capricorn Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Capricorns born during January 11 to January 19 are always pursuing perfection. They are excellently talented in intelligence, learning and research. They are persons of integrity and self-knowledge, but they tend to be indecisive and prone to discouragement. They often succumb to the situation and lack the ability in self-transcendence.

Their personal planet is the Mercury, which makes them rational, smart yet a bit changeable. It takes over the brain and nervous system, business, intelligence and family. As such, it plays a very important role in their lives. Because of the influence of the Saturn, they tend to be pragmatic and cautious, and they are the clear-minded Capricorns. As Mercury also dominates the expression ability, they are the most expressive Capricorns, and they are also flexible, yet not so stiff.  What differs them from other Capricorns is that they have a strong sense of justice. Generally speaking, other Capricorns only care about their own things, but unlike them, they are more responsible. What makes them most special is their learning ability, because Mercury also takes over the competence in foreign languages. If they are interested in developing abroad, their command of foreign language and the luck in developing overseas will be better than others. Maybe, they should develop and fulfill their own talents in these respects, and it is believed that they can exercise their greater talents in such professional fields.
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