Leo – 2nd Decan (August 1 - August 10)

Ruler: Jupiter
Source of Motivation:  Concentration

Leos Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Leos born during August 1 to August 10 have a distinct and typical personality of Leo zodiac signs. They are not only confident, but also a little bit more subjective. Sometimes they unconsciously overwhelm others, or display their strong characteristics. Well, to friends, they are forever faithful and loyal. It is great and happy to be their lovers and friends, as long as you can tolerate their accidental and occasional burst of temper. They are very impatient. So, people around them have to be more patient.

Their personal ruling planet is Jupiter, which symbolizes holiness, wisdom and loyalty, as well as the tendencies to affect intellectual, moral, and sympathy. Enthusiastic personality, cheerful and pleasant demeanor are their power to influence others. Jupiter is destined to create an atmosphere full of love, happiness and harmony. It will bring them good luck and success and help them offset some of the unfavorable shortcomings and tendencies of this zodiac sign.

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