Taurus - 2nd Decan (May 1 to May 10)

Ruler: Mercury
Source of Motivation: Appetence

Taurus Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

For the Taurus born during May 1 - May 10, their instinct and subconsciousness often form enormous spiritual force to dominate their wishes, feelings, emotions and actions. The commendable dedication in fulfilling career ambition and hard-working spirit will bring them opportunities for success in the aspect of materials. Generally speaking, only when their own vital interests are involved, will they involve in the matters.

Their personal ruling planet is Mercury, which represents knowledge. Therefore, Taurus born during this period are much better at expressing themselves, and they can clearly express what they want and think. The only thing for them to overcome is the problem of often being thin-skinned. Sometimes even if they know how to say and how to express, they give up because of their thin-skinned temperament and fear of failure. If they can make the most of eloquence, their career, interpersonal relationships, and other aspects will be greatly improved.

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