Taurus – 3rd Decan (May 11 - May 20)

Ruler: Saturn
Source of Motivation: Organization

Taurus Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Taurus born during May 11 - May 20 are ambitious and they will spare no effort to achieve their goals. They often try to change and improve their self-control ability, and they are good at guiding and enlightening others. They have a very strong sense of reality, but sometimes they are over melancholy, which puts themselves in a lonely and depressed situation.

Their personal ruling planet is the Saturn. They are the more stable and steady Taurus guys, and they are also the most patient, considerate, thoughtful yet the most conservative among all Taurus guys. They are characterized with enormous energy, and no matter what they do, they can always fight tirelessly; in the eyes of other people, they seemingly don’t have much power, but indeed, they are like small trains running continuously, and even after running for a long period, they won’t be tired. Endurance is their most powerful weapon for success.

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