Sagittarius – 2nd Decan (December 2 - December 11)

Ruler: Mars
Source of Motivation: Enthusiasm

Sagittarius Second Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Sagittarians born during December 2 to December 11 are straightforward, candid and stubborn. Their emotions are often volatile, varying from climbing uphill the peak of enthusiasm to plunging into the abyss of disappointment all of a sudden. They are always ready to embark on a journey of an explorer. No matter at work or in daily life, they always put themselves in a state of excessive tension. Their enormous energy will exhaust not only the people around them, but also even them themselves. They always have plenty of new insights and ideas on their minds, and they are very efficient in doing things, which is a guarantee for their success in career.
The personal ruling planet for Sagittarians born during this period is Mars. So, they are endowed with the personality traits of being active, adventurous and ambitious. They like change. However, they only feel happy about change at the very beginning, and later on they will feel empty again.

Even if they make a lot of money, they will still feel lonely and empty inside. As such, it is very important for them to enrich their soul and heart. Sagittarius guys born during this period also have a particular gift and connection with people from foreign countries. So, it is very important for them to be competent and proficient in foreign languages and broaden their international views. However, they lack administrative and executive talents. Therefore, they are supposed to search for capable assistants and helpers to assist them in order to advance their career to the upper floor.
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