Sagittarius – 3rd Decan (December 12 - December 21)

Ruler: Sun
Source of Motivation: Inspiration

Sagittarius Third Decan - Personality and Characteristics

Sagittarians born during December 12 to December 21 are pleasant in character. They are sincere, reliable, and enthusiastic and friendly to people. Their energy, vigor and intellectual talents are very outstanding. Their inspiration can reach the level of great vision. Their another prominent trait is that they are strong-willed and spiritually independent. They will achieve excellence in sports and they always like what they engage in. They can also win the favor of others. They are so passionate that they cannot live without friendship and love.

Their personal ruling planet is the Sun. As such, they value dignity and self-esteem very much, and they are the most reputation-sensitive Sagittarians. Usually, others can joke about them, but they will surely fight and talk back if they feel offended and provoked. They like bickering very much, and whatever others say, they always think they are right. Even if others think they are talking unreasonably, they still have their own set of logic to justify themselves. They admire and value freedom very much. Even though they can endure or work hard for the undertakings they like and for the persons they love, once others interfere with their freedom and hinder them, they will not bear it any more. They are very responsible and patient, and they serious about their work, and they are kind of Sagittarius with personality traits of great leadership and ambition.
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