Virgo Weekly Horoscope


Aug 23 - Sep 22

Weekly Horoscope Sep 30, 2019 - Oct 06, 2019

Lucky Direction: northeast
Best Day: October 6
Worst Day: October 3

Venus and Mercury will stay in the Palace of Finance, and at the same time be married to Saturn and Pluto in the Palace of Love. This week, Virgo will spend a lot of money to satisfy personal hobbies, or to take care of the requirements of partners and children. Do what you can to avoid the subsequent break-even in October. Pluto will go direct in the Love Palace on Thursday, and the mood of Virgo will be improved. There will be a more positive attitude to face issues related to mate selection, emotions, children's education and personal hobbies. This week is a holiday, Mercury will enter the exchange house, Virgo will get a short trip, and may also bring family fun, but as Mars comes to the Cairo Palace on Friday, it still has to pay attention to financial issues, and may be outside Unpleasant financial conflicts.

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