Gemini Horoscope


Your attention must not be on business today, but fortunately everything is going smoothly today, and it also gives you the mind to satisfy your hobbies. In terms of emotions,....

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Mercury is in Gemini’s work house. This week is the final period of influence after Mercury’s retrograde. Whether it is dealing with workplace relations or dealing with problems....

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2020 Horoscope

2020 means many challenges for Gemini, who will see unstable career and income in the year. Sometimes they just can't do things as they have wished and encounter unforeseen....

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2021 Horoscope

Geminians need to make a lot of choices in 2021, and they might be caught unprepared as a lot of things would happen unexpectedly. Sometimes they are just like a time bomb and....

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Today you may not be able to accept your failure, and therefore you will crush your opponent desperately, or you will not let go of things you can control easily. But today you....

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