gemini 2019 Horoscope


May 21 - Jun 20

2019 gemini Horoscope


Due to the planetary aspects, Gemini will encounter both expansion and repression in 2019, leading to the unstable horoscope and the dilemma requiring changes. ''Change'' will be the key word for you Geminians and you need to be mentally prepared, get rid of the bad habits, change and improve yourself, so as to compete with enough capital and embrace a new life. In a word, 2019 will be full of uncertainties for Gemini. Only if you stay calm and work off frustration can you show the best side.

Love Relationship

The yearly love and relationship horoscope will be mainly subject to the influence of Mercury falling in the House of Mind. This year, you Geminians will be quite contradictory - longing for love yet fearing of giving, especially for Geminians who have been hurt before. Despite the good luck with the opposite sex due to the blessing of lucky star in your House of Communication, you just cannot open your heart to the one who want to protect you and find your relationship stamp on the same ground. For Geminians in a steady relationship, you will very probably get married in September or October.


Since last December, Mercury has been in the sixth house of Gemini - the House of Travel in astrology, which means you will be busy since the end of 2018, take more business trips and experience more ups and downs. In the first half year, several lucky stars will visit your House of Communication in turn and bring you good popularity to benefit your career development. The expanded contacts will drive your business and cooperation. For job-hunting Geminians, you will get more choices or help from someone; for employed Geminians, you will be appreciated by the seniors and get promoted.


When it comes to wealth horoscope, the good popularity of Gemini also means increased expenses on communication, such as party and wedding invitations. Also, you will spend a lot on electronic instruments, such as repair or purchase of mobile phone, computer or TV. From May, you Gemini people will have slightly better luck in making money. With good luck for windfall in October, you are suggested to seize the opportunity to make a fortune.


This year will be somewhat a test for your health. Some of you may seemingly in sound health yet face the declining physical fitness, especially if you keep working hard for a long time. Due to the busy work, you Gemini people just ignore your health and need to take care of your body to work better and longer. In April, caution shall be taken against accidents and you need to go out less and stay away from dangerous waters or construction sites.

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