gemini 2020 Horoscope


May 21 - Jun 20

2020 gemini Horoscope


2020 means many challenges for Gemini, who will see unstable career and income in the year. Sometimes they just can't do things as they have wished and encounter unforeseen circumstances in life. Luckily all the changes are hardly troublesome and Geminis can always cope with these unexpected changes. Due to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto at the beginning of the year, they can get new opportunities in work and love and need to seize the chance to create more benefits for themselves.

Love Relationship

With an intelligent mind, changeable character and excellent communication, Gemini people always enjoy great popularity. Whether single or married, Gemini is expected to attract the opposite sex in 2020. Especially in August and September, they will get much more help from others. Gemini will gain a lot if they make more efforts in social activities during this period.


Since Saturn will move to the eighth house of Gemini in 2020, people of this star sign will clearly feel changes in career. Although the changes are insignificant, they are sufficient to make Gemini lose their way. That is to say, Gemini will face enormous challenges in this year. They can try to solve problems with the help of people around and avert being targeted by villains.


Geminis are poor in financial management, both in vision and habit. In particular, they lack a sense of crisis and are prone to lose extra wealth. For example, they may leave the common assets to the other side, such as their partners, and wash their hands of this issue. By taking this approach, they may lose control of wealth, and find their outlook on wealth getting bad. They need to figure out the importance of things and be prepared before their incomes decline. For Geminis, it is critical to balance out income and costs and avert a worse situation before the end of the year.


The social Gemini people tend to have bad eating habits in daily life. Though far from gluttony, they can hardly avoid excessive drinking which will expose them to health risks. Coupled with Saturn's motion and Mercury's retrograde, Geminis are likely to be in health crisis during the year 2020.

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