Gemini Weekly Horoscope


May 21 - Jun 20

Weekly Horoscope Jun 24, 2019 - Jun 30, 2019

Lucky Direction: north
Best Day: June 25
Worst Day: June 30

Venus stays in the life palace of Gemini, is divided by Jupiter in the retrograde, and is reconciled with Neptune in the career palace. This will be a week of confusion for Gemini. Although there are good development opportunities, these news may not be true. Reliable, when asked, help to help your predecessors or elders; on the other hand, seemingly stable cooperation, emotional relationships, may hide "crisis", around the interests, money, security and other issues, Gemini It is easy to have unpleasant disputes with your partner or partner. Mercury and Mars will be conjuncted in the financial house, and will be dismissed by Saturn and Pluto, which are retrograde in the palace. They will also expose problems related to loans and debts. Gemini should learn to solve it in a positive way. Do not evade or Push the problem to the people around you. Mercury will change to the exchange hall in Gemini on Thursday, prompting you to actively expand the circle of friends, and there are more opportunities to reunite with relatives and old friends around you, but pay attention to wording when interacting, try not to have unpleasant disputes.

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