Gemini Weekly Horoscope


May 21 - Jun 20

Weekly Horoscope Sep 28, 2020 - Oct 04, 2020

Lucky Direction: north
Best Day: October 2
Worst Day: September 29

This week will be a period of sudden stress reduction for most people. Mercury entered Gemini's work sector last week. It will help you improve your attitude towards work. It will also help you adjust your relationships with colleagues, subordinates, and clients, and listen. The subtext behind others is a stage where it is easy to get opportunities and enlightenment, but at the same time Gemini must maintain a pragmatic attitude to avoid being induced or deceived. On Tuesday, Saturn will go direct in the house of illness. It will help you adjust the financial problems that have existed since May. It will also help you to recover losses in cooperation and investment, or it may be possible to recover the arrears. Gemini is also easy With material help from older seniors, you must still pay attention to the way you get along with each other. Otherwise, as Mars is retrograde in the interpersonal house, it forms a penalty with Saturn, and there may be new disputes surrounding new cooperation or investment plans. The full moon on Friday will be in the social sector. When you are in contact with new circles and new friends for Gemini, it will also make you discover the potential purpose of others, or re-examine your friendship. The full moon will be punished by Saturn and Jupiter in turn. Need to pay attention to personal rights and avoid being embezzled or deceived by "friends". Venus enters the family house on Saturday. Gemini will pay more attention to the importance of family. There may also be plans for buying a house, decorating or getting married. There will also be more investment and expenditure for family and living environment. Pluto will go direct in the house of illness on Sunday, which has eased the economic impact of the environment to a certain extent. Gemini must also take the initiative to solve problems related to debt and borrowing in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes. To

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