libra 2019 Horoscope


Sep 23 - Oct 22

2019 libra Horoscope


2019 horoscope will be mixed for you Librans yet stable on the whole. You will focus on something on every time period, take more responsibilities and become more stressful as your mind matures. For you Libra people, the important subject this year will be how to unload the burden and not be affected by the common views. Don't care too much about what others think, just do what you should do, and have an object view on yourself - this will be what you should learn this year.

Love Relationship

Libras will be busy about love and relationship this year and surrounded by a lot of opposite-sex friends. Whether to start a relationship will be in your hands. In addition, you are suggested to be honest to your partner and never improvise or tell lies for your own good. Otherwise, your hearts will get farther and farther. In particular, you Libra people will prone to emotional problems under the influence of Mars.


Many astrological aspects will benefit your work and your career horoscope will be on the up. If you can manage to focus on your work, your working skills will be improved a lot while the strong competence in turn will lead to success. October and November will be a crisis in your career, so make every decision based on deep consideration and risk evaluation. Otherwise, you will easily come to nothing.


As for wealth, the average luck in the beginning of the year will barely make both ends meet and you will be on a tight budget and spend a lot. Also, Libras may empty the coffer for family, communication, love or flat/car buying. Fortunately, it will be both pressure and motivation for you Libra people and you will find ways to keep balance. In May, Venus will go back to the House of Wealth for Libra and you will find extremely blessed in making money - your work will go well and you businessmen will have significantly improved performance and income. Besides, you will get the opportunities to generate revenue through various ways and to ease the financial strain.


Health will be a key subject for you Libras in 2019. Since Saturn will stay in the House of Work for Libra in the whole year, you will get quite busy and have limited time to do exercise. No matter how busy you are, do manage to take care of yourself and do not keep on edge for a long time. Otherwise, it will lead to a series of health problems.

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