Libra Weekly Horoscope


Sep 23 - Oct 22

Weekly Horoscope Oct 26, 2020 - Nov 01, 2020

Lucky Direction: north
Best Day: October 31
Worst Day: October 28

The sun has entered the house of wealth in Libra, ending the opposition to the opposite house of Mars, which has also relieved the pressure on Libra. However, Mars still has a bad influence on Saturn and Jupiter in the family house, which means family, There will still be emotional events that make you unpleasant, and may even have a sense of restriction on your personal choices. Fortunately, Mercury will retrograde back to your life house on Wednesday, and Venus will also enter Libra's life house. It will be in a favorable position. It will bring you enough power to speak, and it will also help you display your personality charm, gain recognition and approval from others, and stabilize There will be better progress in the relationship, but you should still pay attention to the wording and avoid duplicity. The full moon on Saturday will be in the Palace of Illness. As a double-edged sword, it will bring you good economic news on the one hand, such as return on investment, but on the other hand, it will also expose money-related problems in cooperation and investment. , Also requires Libra to learn to use appropriate methods to protect their rights. To

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