Daily Libra Horoscope


Sep 23 - Oct 22

Yesterday Horoscope Sep 13, 2019

Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Zodiac: Aquarius
Lucky Color: Silver
Lucky Gemstone: Tourmaline

Today, the overall fortune is not good, and you have to grasp the sense of proportion when dealing with things. In short, you should be convinced when you think about it. There may be some bottlenecks in the communication at work. If necessary, you can take the initiative to give up one step. Otherwise, there will be no progress, and the active retreat may not be a failure. In the feelings, there may be a little bit unpleasant between the lovers today, but don’t be arrogant, otherwise it will only deepen the festival. In addition, today's physical condition is not too good, remember to pay attention to it, and take good care of it. In terms of learning, the student party’s thinking today is somewhat confusing, and it is necessary to pay attention to timely rest and adjustment.

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