Aries Weekly Horoscope


Mar 21 - Apr 19

Weekly Horoscope Aug 05, 2019 - Aug 11, 2019

Lucky Direction: north
Best Day: August 6
Worst Day: August 10

Last week, the new moon occurred in the love house of Aries, which brought you help in adjusting the concept of mate selection and improving the relationship between lovers. Mars is also located in the love palace, and it is a favorable trine with Jupiter retrograde in the migratory palace. Your good fortune related to foreign countries, foreign countries, travel, study, and exams also reminds you that you should learn to please yourself and put your personal needs first. In this week, Aries still has more opportunities to play with friends, lovers, or to regain hobbies. Only Uranus in the Palace of Finance will form a punishment with the Sun and Venus in the Love Palace. It also means that you need to pay attention to financial aspects. Problems, for example, try not to give people a promise as much as possible. When you give your partner a gift, you must do your best, and be alert to bad temptations to avoid being affected by bad friends. Jupiter will end retrograde on Sunday, and will continue to bring to Aries the news of delays and delays related to travel, academics, and foreign development in the past four months, but because of the continued detention of Neptune in the secret palace, you must Learn to identify whether the news is reliable and avoid economic losses because you trust others too much.

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