capricorn 2019 Horoscope


Dec 22 - Jan 19

2019 capricorn Horoscope


In 2019, you Capricorns may have wonderful visions of life, think of beautiful pictures, draw up a blueprint for the future and actively develop some tiny plans and goals for yourself. Of course, some favorable astrology signs will contribute to achieve your goals. For example, when Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury prograde in the house of Capricorn. Emotional control will be an important subject for Capricornus this year, since Pluto lingers in your angular house for the whole year to affect your mo

Love Relationship

With a mixed horoscope for love relationship, you will woolgather and feel annoyed. Generally speaking, there will be more joys than sorrows in love relationship. As long as you manage carefully and keep a close relationship with your partner, you will get the good results. For single Capricornus people, you will be popular with the opposite sex at the beginning and the end of the year and may have a crush on someone to start a relationship.


Blessed by the ruler Saturn, your work will go well, especially from January to April and at the end of this year, during which you might be promoted by someone. Hidden in the comfort is crisis, especially from May to the middle of September during which Saturn is in retrograde motion and will bring you many things beyond expectation. For employed Capricorns, the frequent leave will lead to the poor impression to your superior, and then you will not be put in an important position even if you follow his/her instructions at work.


As for money horoscope, Capricorns will have good fortune since Venus falls in the angular house of Capricornus at the beginning and the end of 2019. In the middle of the year, the Saturn retrograde will lead to the worst luck for wealth. Therefore, your wealth horoscope this year will be like a V. During the year, only hard work can bring Capricornus money and wealth. It will be impractical for you to acquire wealth by speculation, so be down to earth at work.


Since Pluto stays in the angular house of Capricornus, you will be in poor health and prone to illness once you ignore health care and exercise. In addition, you Capricorns are usually busy in work and study and have little time to take care of yourself. Even if at spare time, you will be occupied by all kinds of things and cannot keep regular hours or have a good rest, which will lead to lots of physical problems.

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