capricorn 2020 Horoscope


Dec 22 - Jan 19

2020 capricorn Horoscope


2020 is a year of surprises and starts for Capricorns, who will usher in new opportunities in career, life and love, and even start a new life. Such a dynamic year will naturally bring many challenges to Capricorns. Fortunately, challenge is the least worry for them. The calm and conscientious Capricorns are good at hard work and attach great importance to career. They are expected to gain a lot of authority this year yet suffer from health risks due to Saturn's motion into the first house.

Love Relationship

To get the love desired, Capricorn people have to make changes in 2020. Fortunately, Venus and Juno will bless them a lot and they can get good luck in love. Meanwhile, they will meet someone they love with the introduction of relatives and friends. The great popularity will boost Capricorns' fortunes of love relationship - they may fall in love this year, and even get married if the relationship remains stable.


Capricorns value their career and work and they are expected to achieve something in 2020. Under the influence of Saturn and several Mercury retrogrades, they may become precarious, act with confusion and make more mistakes in their work. From May to mid June, they will have a very bad relationship with colleagues and superiors due to the retrograde motion of Mars. Luckily, each retrograde of Mercury will not last long, about one month. As soon as it ends, Capricorns will be free from the negative effects.


Like the slightly stagnant career luck, Capricorn's wealth horoscope can be also about up to the average - they can maintain the stable income from work yet find it hard to greatly improve the income by investment and managing finances. In particular, Capricorns are very likely to face a financial crisis during the three times of Mercury retrograde. But after that their luck in windfall will rise significantly.


As typical workaholics, Capricorns can hardly stay healthy. They may even get exhausted in 2020 of stressful work and suffer from some workplace diseases. To avoid such a situation, people of Capricorn sign must keep proper working habits and reasonable patterns. Young Capricorns must keep away from staying up late frequently to work overtime while the middle-aged must try to quit smoking and drinking.

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