Daily Capricorn Horoscope


Dec 22 - Jan 19

Today's Horoscope Oct 12, 2019

Lucky Number: 1
Lucky Zodiac: Sagittarius
Lucky Color: Pink
Lucky Gemstone: obsidian

Today's overall fortune is not good for you, you will feel uncomfortable, the more you can not shake this time. The professionals in the workplace remember to grasp the main contradictions, do not let trivial things get yourself into the passive; people in love should pay attention, don't easily provoke each other, TA may not be able to withstand negative energy today; single party is not suitable for confession today, don't act rashly; Today, you may be wasting your money with shopping, and you should pay attention to control if you are not lucky. In terms of learning, the student party may be questioned today and be prepared in advance.

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