leo 2019 Horoscope


Jul 23 - Aug 22

2019 leo Horoscope


The overall horoscope for Leo can be quite unstable in the year of 2019 and you will find things always go awry, making you cannot keep a cheerful and confident attitude towards life but bothered by all sorts of trouble. The Mercury retrograde will lead to the stable fortune in the first half year and the shaky one in the second half. Many things will happen beyond your expectation. In the first half year, you Leo people will be good at observing and listening and can always make active self-exa

Love Relationship

This year will be a fresh start as for love horoscope. You Leo people will be much more practical in love and less blind as you used to be. You will be more concerned about the sustainability of a relationship and consider the soul satisfaction as an idle theory. Only the practical action can move you and your criterion for a partner will be the maximum satisfaction in both material and spirit.


In career, Leos will take the initiative to carry out plans seriously. The desire for success and power and the ambition will push you further and higher, especially for male Leos desperate for success. On the way forward, however, you may encounter a lot of obstacles and vile characters who may attack you off guard and make you impossible to defend effectively.


Mainly affected by Mercury retrograde, Venus and Sun, Leos will experience rise and fall in wealth. The wealth horoscope can be stable and Leos good at money management can even swell the coffer but many of you just cannot accumulate money due to the high expenditure and trivial matters. In the second half of the year, your luck in making money will be just like the roller coaster and no money can be saved.


With an overall satisfactory health horoscope, you Leos will not have big problems as long as you keep regular hours and do more exercise. However, your mood can be affected by people around due to a lot of things and you may have a bee in your head and isolate yourself from the world outside. This is what you need to change, or you will hurt yourself. When something goes wrong, you need to get it off your chest, talk with someone and adjust your mental state.

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