Leo Weekly Horoscope


Jul 23 - Aug 22

Weekly Horoscope Sep 30, 2019 - Oct 06, 2019

Lucky Direction: south
Best Day: October 4th
Worst Day: October 3

Venus and Mercury are in the exchange house. At the same time, they are being sentenced to work by Saturn and Pluto in the palace. Recently, you may encounter difficult objects in the workplace. The other party may also interfere with your decision with your own values and learn to be calm. Face the problem, try not to have unpleasant disputes. During the holidays, Leo may also be affected by the work, it is difficult to rest in peace, it is recommended to complete the tough problems before Friday, in order to be prepared. Pluto will return to the line on Thursday, ending the retrograde since the end of April this year. It will also help Leo to face and reorganize the long-term problems in the workplace. On the same day, when Mercury changes to the family house, you also need to take time. Reassure the family and plan for the next job, comforting the old partner and the authority in the team. Mars will enter the exchange house on Friday. Recently, relatives and friends around you may interfere with your thoughts too much. Pay attention to emotional problems and know how to reject unreasonable demands from others.

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