scorpio 2019 Horoscope


Oct 23 - Nov 21

2019 scorpio Horoscope


2019 will be a year full of challenges for Scorpio due to the Mercury retrograde in your angular house, leading to many unexpected things. That means, you Scorpions will find a lot of things, whether good or bad, are out of your expectation and control in daily life. The only thing you can do is to improve yourself and to be more powerful.

Love Relationship

In spite of the colorful life of love & relationship, you may still get hurt. For single Scorpions, try to become better before you meet the one who makes you have a crush on. Take part in more social activities to expand your circle of friends, get to know more opposite sex and create more opportunities to choose a mate. In October, Venus in charge of love will return to Scorpio and your ex may want to make up with you. For Scorpions in a relationship, you need to take a new look at it and think about whether you are the right one for each other if you are tired about it. Do not care about what others say, just listen to your inner feelings and follow your heart.


Since Pluto stays in your House of Work this year, your work will become more difficult and your workload will be significantly improved, making you panic-stricken. Many hidden problems in career will emerge this year. Meanwhile, you Scorpio people tend to be framed up by the vile characters in workplace and suffer from vicious competition, so be careful about it. For employed Scorpions, your proposal and plan can hardly be recognized by the superiors and you will in an unconfident state with poor work efficiency. For Scorpions in start-up stage, you need to spend more time to get an in-depth knowledge about the industry prospects and then analyze and evaluate your abilities and potential risks properly; do not carry out your plans unless you are confident enough.


Your wealth horoscope will decline despite the stable fortune from the beginning of the year to October. The best money horoscope will be in October and from November, it will decline. In the first half year, Scorpios will have many chances and ways to make money and once you cooperate with your friends, you will get the mutual benefits. However, many problems might be caused due to the money interests. As for consumption, you Scorpions are suggested to consume as per your economic level and demand and do not compare with others or spend beyond your financial capacity. Be careful of financial losses this year, or you will have little money despite the busy year.


Because your ruler Pluto stays in your House of Work for the whole year, you will be tired about work or study and suffer from headache, deficient vital energy and other symptoms. For Scorpios at school, the heavy schoolwork can stimulate your passion for learning yet the long-term busy study will lead to nervous tension, eye fatigue or cervical spondylosis. In particular, you will be prone to health issues at the end of the year, so guard against accidents no matter what age you are at.

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