scorpio 2020 Horoscope


Oct 23 - Nov 21

2020 scorpio Horoscope


For Scorpio, 2020 is a year of uncertainty as there will be both opportunities and challenges. Subject to the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in the early year, Scorpios need to adjust their lives and work after Saturn moves to the third house of Scorpio and maintain the pursuit of career and the premium on love. As long as they get prepared in advance, they can break through. Scorpio does not lack good luck this year - the key is whether they can seize the opportunity.

Love Relationship

In 2020, Scorpios, with great popularity, will get the chance to start a relationship even if they don't show much initiative - someone will introduce them to the opposite sex. Even so, Scorpios still need to keep their minds on love, or the opportunity will slip from their grasp. This year, Scorpio people will not be faced with an emotional crisis due to the change of stars. Instead they will maintain a very stable relationship with their partners.


Since Saturn will move to Scorpio's third house at the beginning of the year, Scorpios will get more opportunities at work and they can expect better luck in career. To achieve something in this year, however, they must improve their ability, keep learning and improve the efficiency in solving problems at work. During the second Mercury retrograde in the middle of the year, Scorpios will see changes in the working environment and need to maintain good interpersonal relationship during this period.


Scorpio's income from work will increase significantly with Saturn's motion to Capricorn before April 2020. However, their financial fortunes will stagnate, and even decline after that. Many reasons are of account for this. For example, they have to spend more time on learning and give up all interests as the work gets more difficult. Also, they may lose money due to the limited financial vision.


Scorpios will be in good health in 2020. But their health can be affected by too many accidents and they may get exhausted due to work or life. That is to say, Scorpios need to improve their ability to cope with crisis in life and work, and avoid getting confused in trouble. Otherwise their inner emotions can be affected a lot, which may even lead to some psychological diseases.

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