Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


Oct 23 - Nov 21

Weekly Horoscope Aug 12, 2019 - Aug 18, 2019

Lucky Direction: north
Best Day: August 15
Worst Day: August 13

The Sun and Venus will be in the Scorpio career sector, giving you opportunities to adjust your career and determine future goals. It also reminds you of the need to consider a lot of future long-term development issues, and with Mercury on Monday. Returning to the career sector, there will be news related to cross-industry development and internal mobility. Scorpio also needs to pay more attention to the news of interpersonal relationships in the industry, and try to avoid offending people because of too straightforward personality. Uranus has officially changed seats in March this year. In the next six years, it will be retrograde every year in the Scorpio Palace. Each time lasts about five months. Because Uranus is a time star, it rarely affects individuals directly. The promotion of the environment and the side change of our lives, for example, for Scorpio, during each Uranus retrograde against the palace, we should pay more attention to whether the cooperative industry, project-related policies have changed, and also pay attention to legal provisions or within the industry. Adjustments to prevent cooperation from being blocked and to avoid unreliable projects. The full moon arrives in the family palace on Thursday, and in turn, it is divided with Venus and Mars in the career hall. It indicates that you need to make a balance between family and career. You may be asked to return to your side by your parents, or to have more at home. Take care and pay attention to financial issues. Mars will change to the interpersonal palace in Scorpio on Sunday, so that you have better mobility, but in the interpersonal relationship, there may be nitpicking, too real situation, to learn to be tolerant, in order to avoid disputes.

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