cancer 2019 Horoscope


Jun 21 - Jul 22

2019 cancer Horoscope


Due to the Mercury retrograde, Cancer will be subject to unstable horoscope in 2019, encounter many obstacles in interpersonal relationship, tend to shut yourself off and refuse to communicate with the world outside. Many problems will happen to your cooperation with others and you may have an interest dispute with your partner. If the partner is your friend, you may gain money and lose him/her. Therefore, Cancerians will clearly feel the fickleness of human nature this year and need to learn mo

Love Relationship

Your love relationship will not be all plain sailing. This year Cancers will be somewhat indifferent to love and marriage, causing the faded feelings with time. In particular, you will spend a lot of time on the busy work by overworking or taking business trips and alienate yourself from your partner. Also, you may ignore your partner due to the opposition of elders in your family or the sick elders requiring you to take care of.


Cancer will have plenty of room to play in the workplace and may get opportunities to launch new cooperation and projects or exploit new markets. You have been worked hard and prepared for higher position, more power and better fame. The work experience and insights accumulated in the previous years will come in handy and you Cancerians are good at open up new dimension and develop cause with personal strengths. Affected by Mars and Mercury retrograde, your career will be in hidden crisis and you will face a major test. Failing to cultivate your skills will make you knocked out. Despite the good performance and greater progress in the first half year, Cancers will see the less optimistic and miss the opportunities due to the lack of ability and experience in crisis management.


With limited star aspects beneficial to wealth, you Cancerians will find the mixed and unstable money horoscope. In the first half year, you will spend a lot on medical care, shopping and something unexpected, such as weddings and funerals, and feel stressed in economy. In the second half year, the favorable aspect of Venus will change the situation and make both ends meet in spite of many unexpected consuming factors.


Your health horoscope will be subject to Mercury retrograde either. In addition, you Cancerians will become rather irritable under the impact of Mars, which will lead to both health and interpersonal problems. Try to improve your interpersonal relationship this year. If you are in bad terms with someone and it has been in your mind, you will find the opportunity to make up during this year but it will come to nothing if you are face-saving and refuse to comprise. Once you change a way to look at it, you may live an easier life.

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