cancer 2021 Horoscope


Jun 21 - Jul 22

2021 cancer Horoscope


2021 won't be a bright year for those under the Cancer sign, who may feel the future is rather dim and have to grope their way forward. Many times, they need to repeat again and again to finish a task and the inexplicable situation may drive them mad, yet still have to put a bold face on it. Otherwise, they can hardly find a way to break through.


In 2021, Cancer people will get a lot of opportunities in career, but few of them can seize the chance. In addition, their career can be quite uncertain due to the Mercury retrograde from May to July.

Love Relationship

With poor luck in love, Cancers will feel the relationship rather unpredictable, as if poised on a knife-edge. Those in a relationship may want to get married but find it difficult.


Cancers will have no luck for wealth in 2021, especially in the first half of the year. They can get frustrated and find few opportunities to make money yet have to spend on many things. Generally speaking, they can not make ends meet during this period.


Cancer's health in the second half of the year can be worrying, as they tend to catch a cold or sore throat again and again. In view of this, they should improve their diet, cut fried foods, and choose light night snacks.

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