Cancer Weekly Horoscope


Jun 21 - Jul 22

Weekly Horoscope Aug 05, 2019 - Aug 11, 2019

Lucky Direction: southeast
Best Day: August 6
Worst Day: August 8

Since last week, the stars have gradually come to the financial house of Cancer, reminding you to pay attention to financial issues, develop the habit of rationally arranging expenses, and learn to pragmatically plan for the future development direction for the next six months. Last week, the new moon came to the financial palace in Cancer, which brought you good news for promotion. It also allowed some Cancers to choose to resign or contact a larger platform. This week is a continuation stage, although it will still be affected by Mercury retrograde, letting Cancer In terms of emotions, it is still more impulsive and less stable. Recalling the unpleasant incidents related to the past, Jupiter will be going forward in the working house on Sunday, and you will spend more time adjusting your work and enthusiasm for work. I hope that through personal ability, I can get recognition and praise from others. Cancer will also try to reject unreasonable affairs and relationships and avoid letting personal life be disturbed by others.

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