Aquarius Horoscope


The complex interpersonal relationships make you a little anxious today, especially if you may find that some people are lying to you. Don't believe the words of classmates or....

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Mars entered Aquarius in Aquarius on Tuesday, once again helping you recognize the current environmental constraints, learning to take responsibility and improving a series of....

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2020 Horoscope

2020 won't be a stable year for Aquarius. Because there will be three times of Mercury retrograde and each will have an impact on them. The first retrograde will especially affect....

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2019 Horoscope

2019 will be a year of "thinking", turmoil and restlessness for Aquarius. Your horoscope may not be as good as you expected and many dramatic things, just like those in TV plot or....

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Today you may wish to be more serious, especially if your cooperation involves foreign affairs, you will have a great chance of success today. Just do your homework, it's not....

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