Aquarius Horoscope


I'm afraid I can't get away with overtime today. If you really encounter overtime, just calm down and your income will be good. Many people will praise you today, and the Student....

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Jupiter and Saturn stay in the hidden house of Aquarius, giving you the tendency to escape from the outside world, and this week the Sun enters the house of life, gradually....

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2019 Horoscope

2019 will be a year of "thinking", turmoil and restlessness for Aquarius. Your horoscope may not be as good as you expected and many dramatic things, just like those in TV plot or....

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2020 Horoscope

2020 won't be a stable year for Aquarius. Because there will be three times of Mercury retrograde and each will have an impact on them. The first retrograde will especially affect....

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There are quite a lot of things you want today. It's good to have ideas, but don't ask too much of others. The most important thing today is that everyone is happy! Today may be....

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