aquarius 2019 Horoscope


Jan 20 - Feb 18

2019 aquarius Horoscope


2019 will be a year of "thinking", turmoil and restlessness for Aquarius. Your horoscope may not be as good as you expected and many dramatic things, just like those in TV plot or even campier than TV plot, will happen to you. Yes, "incredible" will be Aquarius's label for the year. Whether it is good or bad depends on the aspects of planets and each stage has its own direction.

Love Relationship

Auspicious aspect will appear in March for love relationship and you Aquarians may start a relationship on an interpersonal occasion. For Aquarius in a stable relationship, you will further improve it in March with the help of Venus. For the time other than March, you may expect the insipid horoscope for love. Some of you may often quarrel on trivial matters or have your relationship affected because of money. Once you manage carefully and adjust mentality, you can also enjoy the sweet relationship in insipid days.


In career, you Aquarians will have many upside potentials, especially if you are an independent entrepreneur - you will make breakthroughs easily this year with the help of the ruler Uranus and enjoy the overall good career horoscope. The problems at the beginning of the year will be fixed readily as long as you calm down, adjust your mentality and get things in order.


When it comes to wealth horoscope, March and August will be the boundary. Before March (i.e. beginning of the year), the lack of astrology aspects beneficial for Aquarius will cause many financial losses. In addition to daily consumption, you will spend for travel, children's education and love which will be quite stressful for you low-income Aquarius people. From March to August, you will get many earning chances and good luck for windfall. In the second half year, your wealth horoscope will fluctuate greatly, especially after August and you will spend more. With many unexpected expenses, you will easily exceed the budget.


Despite the basically stable health state, you need to beware of disease recurrence and keep regular hours even if you are in sound health. In addition, keep an eye on accidents at the end of 2019, mind of both home safety and personal safety and go out less to spend the year peacefully. You will experience two emotional stages this year, i.e. April 1 to May 15 and October 5 to November 19. During the periods, Mars will be in your House of Communication and make you get angry and lose temper easily because of trivial things in life. What's more, it will lead to head-on confrontations and interpersonal problems; when you meet those with bad temper and poor quality, a tragedy, even bloody incident, may take place.

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