aquarius 2020 Horoscope


Jan 20 - Feb 18

2020 aquarius Horoscope


2020 won't be a stable year for Aquarius. Because there will be three times of Mercury retrograde and each will have an impact on them. The first retrograde will especially affect them as it ends in this Aquarius. Besides, Saturn's motion to the twelfth house, Mars retrograde and other changes in the stars will also affect their life and work. This means Aquarians will face many challenges in this year.

Love Relationship

Despite the great influence of Mercury retrograde on Aquarius, people of this sign can be pretty lucky in love. Single Aquarians are more likely to start a relationship. Their weakness lies in the poor social ability and they have to improve it if they want to fall in love. Married Aquarians may be faced with certain emotional crisis and conflict with their lovers. Fortunately, the situation will get better when the third retrograde of Mercury ends in October.


In 2020, the career horoscope and workplace state of Aquarius can be unstable. One of the reasons lies in their poor relationship with colleagues and superiors. Also, Aquarians are not so ambitious in career that they may head for a crisis as soon as Mars is retrograde or Saturn falls into the twelfth house. In order to prevent any unforeseen circumstances in this year, Aquarius people must remain passionate for work and spend most of their time working hard.


Regardless of capability, Aquarians will have barely satisfactory luck for wealth in 2020, mainly because of the unstable state in work and then the limited desire for success and making money. In their opinion, money is not the most important but a carefree life according to their own lights. In addition, they will suffer from Mercury retrograde, Mars retrograde and other aspects and find it difficult to maintain a stable income from work and windfall.


Due to the great changes in working condition, Aquarius can hardly avoid the unforeseen incidents in health no matter how good they are at health care. They need to be careful of the negative impact on their psychology and physiology during Mercury retrograde and keep a good state of mind. Also, they can reduce or eliminate the health risks caused by Mercury retrograde by participating in outdoor activities or traveling.

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