Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


Jan 20 - Feb 18

Weekly Horoscope Aug 05, 2019 - Aug 11, 2019

Lucky Direction: Northwest
Best Day: August 9
Worst Day: August 8

Although Mercury is going straight in the working palace of Aquarius, because it is still slanted by Saturn and Pluto in the retrograde state, Aquarius still encounters the right and wrong in the past this week, and may have to re-prepare and solve the existence of the past. The problem of work, the retrograde effect will continue for more than a week, and it will make Aquarius more urgent in terms of work. It is easy to argue with female colleagues and customers in the workplace. Pay attention to wording and use appropriate methods to relieve pressure. The Sun and Venus are in the opposite court, bringing development opportunities related to sharing to Aquarius, helping you to benefit from the projects of the previous period. In the past two weeks, you will receive material subsidies and will shift your focus to cooperation. In the process of work and cooperation, you may encounter objects that feel good, but Uranus in the family palace will limit your cooperation and development plan, and your family will hope that you will choose a pragmatic life direction. On Sunday, Jupiter will go direct in the interpersonal palace of Aquarius, which will help ease the conflict with friends, but Aquarius also needs to re-adjust the interpersonal circle to keep up with the "damaged friends" who have long been cheaper or consume your emotions. Distance, no more loss of money due to soft heart.

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