Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Weekly Horoscope Oct 26, 2020 - Nov 01, 2020

Lucky Direction: East
Best Day: October 31
Worst Day: October 26

Mercury is retrograde in the hidden house of Sagittarius. Looking back on the past, it helps you to settle the gains and losses of the past. However, for some Sagittarius, it is still a stage of feeling confused and choosing to escape. The sun entered the hidden house last Friday. , It also gives you more room for reflection, to think about what kind of life you want. Mercury will retrograde back to the interpersonal sector on Wednesday, bringing problems that have recurred since the beginning of September. You may also reunite with people and events in the past, or frequently recall and miss past lovers or friends. Venus also enters interpersonal relationships on the same day. The palace is in an advantageous position to help you insight into the true feelings in your heart. Everyone may deceive others, but it is difficult to deceive themselves. Saturday’s full moon will be in the work sector, which will bring opportunities for Sagittarius’s career life to change. You may get a promotion or a salary increase, or you may be suddenly dismissed. You should also pay attention to whether there are personal and pet health problems. To

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