taurus 2019 Horoscope


Apr 20 – May 20

2019 taurus Horoscope


Taurus will have an unstable horoscope in 2019. Despite the good things in life, you Taureans will also be bothered by a lot of trouble and see the mixed results. Your 2019 horoscope will mainly depend on the aspects of Venus which is the ruling planet of Taurus and dominates your fortune with its moving trajectory. Of course, the Taurus horoscope is also subject to other stars. 2019 means many chances for Taureans. So, be optimistic and prepared for every chance. In the face of difficulties, yo

Love Relationship

Mainly influenced by Juno, Mars and Venus, you Taurus people will have a better love horoscope in the first half year and even get pregnant or give birth to a baby in January and February. For single Taureans, May and June will be the good time to start a relationship. If you are already in a relationship or marriage, your love will be susceptible to external factors, such as a third party or external gossip.


Venus will be in the house favorable to career and bring you more passion for work and better interpersonal relationship, thus the good career horoscope. In January and November, Venus will be in the House of Travel, showing that you Taureans will get more chances to go out for business negotiation and study and meet more experienced and successful people to broaden your mind and vision. Meanwhile, the House of Travel also symbolizes Taurus will rush about and overwork. Therefore, look after your body for better development in career. You employed Taureans are suggested to deal with the workplace relations properly, do your duty well and never take over others' business, or you will invite unnecessary trouble! For Taureans in leading positions, you need to guard against the disclosure of confidential information of your company due to the stealing of competitors and the betrayal of subordinates.


As for wealth horoscope, Venus has been prograde in House of Windfall since last December and it will continue to October in the second half of 2019. As a result, you will be blessed in windfalls and get good returns from venture investment like stock if you use it appropriately. However, you need to analyze data carefully to learn about the risks, quit while you're ahead and never invest blindly or get too greedy. Otherwise, you will make all previous efforts in vain and suffer a loss.


Under the impact of Mars and Uranus, your health horoscope will be less satisfactory and you Taureans will be prone to accidents for which a prudent attitude should be taken. Young Taureans are suggested to go less to crowded places, such as station and entertainment venues and stay away from those with bad habits or behaviors. Otherwise, you will be tainted with bad habits affecting your health. Senior Taureans are suggested to watch out traps at home and avoid accidental bump or fall.

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