taurus 2020 Horoscope


Apr 20 – May 20

2020 taurus Horoscope


Saturn will move to the ninth house of Taurus and lead to many changes in their work and life. Change means pressure, and this is why 2020 is not necessarily a bad yet very busy year for people of Taurus sign. Furthermore, Taurus is a quite introverted sign and they are not good at expressing the inner sentiments. Once they are under pressure, they would rather bear it alone than seek help from others. This is what they have to watch out and make a change this year.

Love Relationship

Influenced by the motion of Venus, single Taurus will meet a right one, and come across their crush at a certain time. Married Taureans need to care more about their love due to the frequent changes resulted by Saturn and Jupiter's conjunction in Aquarius this year. Once they fail to resist the external temptation, they may betray their lover in this year. In order to avoid this situation, Taurus people are suggested to spend as much time as possible with their partners to further improve the relationship and avoid any affairs.


The increasing pressure of work and many changes around can be bad news for Taurus with a rather conservative attitude towards work, as they have to change accordingly and even lose the original stable working environment. They need to work out a plan before the first Mercury retrograde in early 2020, i.e. February 17, to ensure the methodical work.


Since Taurus people are good at making money and know how to manage money properly, they barely encounter financial crisis, even in 2020 full of changes. This year, Taureans won't need to worry about any troubles related to money, such as financial losses. Instead, their income will continue to rise with their progress in work. That is to say, Taurus's income from work can be very stable. On the contrary, their luck in windfall will be less satisfactory and they need to cut the investments this year.


The 2020 health horoscope of Taurus is not very stable and they will not have many serious problems in health. In short, they will be free from serious illnesses but bothered by minor illnesses caused by the pressure of work. After all, Taurus is not a sign tough enough to bear stress and they are just used to reporting only optimistic reports. As long as the stress at work goes beyond tolerance, their mental state and health will be affected successively. Therefore, they should allocate the time of work and rest in a proper manner and find time to relax no matter how busy and tired.

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